Getting to Zero: Our Mission at Accounting Software News

We once heard at a party that an accountant’s favorite number is zero because that means the numbers all make sense and their work is done. It made perfect sense to us. Sure, zero can just as easily represent emptiness, nothingness, or worthlessness, but given the choice, we’ll go with the idea that zero is all about the universe being in balance with itself right down to the accountants’ ledger sheet. It’s all about getting to zero.


Whether it’s effortless reconciliation or it’s a multi-million dollar entry on a business tax form, what we’re really interested in is how new and emerging software technologies stand to make bookkeeping, financial records, employment filings, and business operations as a whole more efficient and more reliable. That’s what our slogan and company are really all about: We monitor those accounting software technologies that stand to help businesses and their accountants get to zero, quickly and every single time.